The Biggest in Pre-Launching of 2016

ashraf abdelshafy

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Create Your Free Account Asap And Then Go To My Referral Links , Grab Your Referral Link ( Any one Of 4 ) and Start Privately Messaging Your Links To Your Leaders 
By default your placement setting is Auto which means one left and one right
What you want to do is place one of your own account on left and then againyour 2nd account on right so you have a tripod/triangle structure for maximumbenefit
I will be placing people on your left side and hence once you placeyour one account on left side or one direct referral on left side , shift the placement rotator in my referral link section to rightand keep sponsoring everyone to right
Lets build this big and huge

Timing is everything

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P.S If you fwd this message to your teams , make sure to replace my linkwith your link and also let them know about left or right based on

how you are placing people