Udimi solo ads network review

I buy solo ads almost every day. Solo Ads are the best way to send targeted traffic to an offer and build a list. You can buy solo ads from many places but recently a new solo network called “Udimi launched which made things very easier.

First, What are Solo Ads?

Solo Ads are a type of email marketing that one can purchase from a person with a email list. The person who has built a email list of any type of category of people such as make money online can provide a service by sending to their list your advertisement. The seller usually charges a small fee per click that they provide to your offer or capture page.

Udimi Network:

Udimi is making things easier by allowing you to track incoming clicks, traffic and conversion from every solo ad you order. You can browse different solo ad providers, their ratings and results from other customers to choose the best ones. All reviews by other buyers are legit and real.

My experience with Udimi:

I ordered around $350 worth of solo ads on Udimi and got only one $44 MTTB sale. First of all let me point out that this was totally my fault because I did not read other buyers reviews when I was ordering solo ads on Udimi. I suggest you to read other buyers reviews and only order from people who are delivering buyers.