Golden Rule ( Quick Way to Make 115 Bitcoin In BTChamp)

To get quick and fast result in BTChamp.
As we all know BTChamp is Affordable for everyone.
How does GOLDEN RULE work?
This strategy is for people who would like to do serious business and earn 118 bitcoins in 4-5 months.
This is also for people who can invest 0.0184 bitcoins upfront.
How it works:
Register on Btchamp and upgrade to level 1, 2, 3 and 4 immediately by paying all the required donations from your own pocket( within 24 hours).
Then recruit atleast 2 more people as your referrals. They will also adhere to the rule of upgrading to 4th level immediately, and duplicate the process of bringing their own 2 referrals.
Once you receive enough donations, upgrade to level 5, and as soon as you get all level 4 donations, create another account (following the same rule) under your own matrix.
Following the rule of upgrading to level 4, quickens the process of filling up the matrix.
You are able to work with serious and like minded individuals, working towards similar goals.
This will ensure that missed donation instances are minimised 
to the maximum.