Soon LBRY(LBC) to the Moon! FREE 60000k BTC via LBC coin with FREE 25 LBC



Great News!

Soon LBRY(LBC) to the Moon!
Because,Boston-based venture capital firm Pillar VC is leading a $500,000 seed funding round to invest in LBRY!

This coin has HUGE potential....DO NOT miss on this.
DO NOT miss on this!
On Bittrex
1LBC= 0.00240000 BTC  !
1LBC = 0.00263456 BTC!

Click the link below to get invitation:

Note:If you already joined:
Looks the 25 FREE lbc credits are on the way.
1.Check your email(LBRY) if they sent your invite code.
2.Download wallet (Just enter your email on 'get' page to find windows/linux/android tabs etc.,)
(Available for Linux for now and wallets for other platforms soon)
3.Enter the invite code.